Chafing cream: 14 products to help summer you chafing

Chafing cream: 14 products to help summer you chafing

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  • Inner-thigh rubbing affects more women (and men) than you’d know. Keep it hurting with these simple tips, tricks and products.

    If last week’s temperatures (and our hay fever) are anything to go by, spring is well and truly here – which means it’s probably too time to stock up on chafing cream, too.

    You are already planning when you will get your summer dresses from the spare wardrobe. However, excitement about the prospect of soaking up the sunlight aside, we are much less amused by one common side effect of hot weather. We look at you, you annoying.

    Ah, yes. When the temperature soothes and you have ditched your jeans in place of an easy breezy summer dress, for some, there is no getting away from it. And that’s Totally Normal (it happens to the best of us), but not particularly comfortable. It’s itchy, painful, can leave you with red raw patches between your legs, and just is not pleasant.

    Waddling might release it for a bit, as can subtly trying to tuck your dress between your legs and hoping no one notices. But if you do not want to wince when you slow go home, here’s how to avoid you chafing forever, with the best chafing cream currently available to buy.

    Is who Is You chafing?

    Thigh chafing is the result of the skin between your legs consistently rubbing, which can cause irritation. During the hotter months, we sweat more and therefore it makes the friction between your thighs even worse.

    Some people experience some slight discomfort, others find they get rashes, but the repeated scrub can also cause the skin to break and make it feel painfully raw.

    As a runner, I sometimes get you and armfit chafing – which is why I started investing in the below. My two go-to’s are Vaseline and BodyGlide – the latter is particularly great for long-distance running because it does not sweat off – but I have tried and tested all of the below and they get my seal of approval.

    Chafing cream: 13 best products to help prevent scrub

    The easiest ways to prevent you chafing come in the form of a cream, balm or garment that acts as a barrier.

    If you opt for a cream or balm, remember to apply it between your legs – or on the areas that need protection – before you head out. Fayy, any creams, gels or balms that offer lubrication will reduce the friction, soothe your skin and protect you from the start. You chafing? More than Bye Shopping.

    Bepanthen thigh chafing cream, £ 2.50
    The well-known nappy rash cream and ointment was created for babies and you can tell – it’s soothing and makes your skin feel Super Soft. I liked that it created the perfect moisturizing barrier between the rubbing skin, was affordable, plus lasted me for around eight months.

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    Mama Mio Lucky Legs, £ 20.00
    Designed for pregnancy but for all chafing situation, I liked that this gel is cooling and therefore one of the better options for relieving that hot, itchy feeling you rub can sometimes cause. A higher price point, but a good investment.

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    Beyou anti chafing cream, £ 12.95
    Next, I tried the BeYou anti-chafing cream. I really liked that the ingredients list is natural, vegan, and includes the likes of lavender and coconut oil. I found it to be more breathable than other options, but also needed to apply it more regularly.

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    Vaseline Original Pure Petroleum Jelly, £ 1.50
    As simple as it gets, Vaseline is the OG way to prevent your thighs – or any other part of your body, for that matter – from chafing. I first tried this when I was about 14 years old and have used it most summers since, because I know I can rely on it for instant protection without the price tag.

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    Lanacane anti-chafing gel, £ 6.30
    Another fairly budget-friendly product, I found the Lancane gel soothing. It has really prevent chafing and offer long-lasting relief, as it promised on the packet. Plus, as a sustainability editor, I liked that the product had one of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly ‘badges, which indicates that it has credible sustainability certifications. Buy for a

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    BodyGlide Unisex Anti Cabinet Balm Stick, £ 18.48
    If you are looking for a stick that literally glides on and protects your thighs all day, give BodyGlide a go. I have used it loads for running and it never disappointed. Although it’s a bit pricey, I found that it lasts all day and there is no need to be replenished during, no matter how sweety or clammy you get.

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    Sirona Natural Anti Chafing Noise Cream, £ 9.99
    Still a more natural balm? I tried the Sirona natural rash cream without chemical additives. It was easy to apply, soothing and non-scented, which I liked because it did not overpower my perfume. I also liked that it also helped my already chafed skin to heal.

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    Glamza Chub Rub Anti Chafing Cream, £ 7.99
    With nearly 400 reviews and an average of four stars, I was excited to try what Glamza calls their “unique anti-friction formula” – and it really works. The key standout for me was the fact that it did not stain (and I mean I did not mark my clothes at all).

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    Lash Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, £ 10
    Not a chafing cream, but a damn good powder that I love using and have since bought again. A bit like talcum powder, but better smelling, this dusting product from Lash was soft, silky, and I was pleasantly surprised at how long it lasted too. I also thought it felt a little nicer to apply as, say, gel.

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    Azulenal Ointment with Guaiazulene: Multipurpose Rash Cream, £ 12.10
    Okay, so this will not prevent chafing, but is great for treating sore skin when you have already experienced it. I liked that it is specifically developed for use near sensitive genital areas, and helps to relieve sores, skin redness, skin irritation and psoriasis too. Medical opinion treatment? Sorted out.

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    Premax Chamois Cream, £ 24
    Sporty and want to avoid the dreaded chub scrub? Another one I have tried and course is Premax’s Chamois Cream. A mix between bodyglide and lush’s dusting cream, it’s a bit like sunlight but for your closet. I liked that it promises anti-bacterial protection and lasted over the course of a sweaty two-hour run.

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    If creams, balms or powders are not your thing, you should not be afraid. There are a couple of different things you can wear under your dress or jacket that will keep the skin separated and no one will be wiser.

    Shorts, we look at you.

    M&S Collection Cool Comfort ™ Anti-chafing shorts, £ 12.00
    I liked that the anti-chafing shorts act as a thigh barrier and include cool comfort technology that will keep you feeling fresh and free all day. They come in three colors – black, white and almond – and I thought it was a bargain for just £ 12 per pair.

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    Modibody anti-chafing short, £ 30.00
    Fun fact: these modibody anti-chafing shorts also hold up to 15ml of period blood or sweat, and still felt light-weight, absorbent and protective. Neat.

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    Or, if you are looking for a cheaper thigh barrier alternative, you could also get a pair of regular tights and cut them at the knee. You will end up with breathable and light tights-short that you can wear under your clothes. Have you heard it here before?

    How To Heal Shaving You – Fast

    1. First, gently clean the area with water.

    2. Ensure your skin is dry before applying any products, to reduce the risk of infection if the skin is broken.

    Apply one of the healing creams mentioned above, like Benpanthen.

    4. If you prefer a homemade remedy, soaked and refrigerated chamomile tea bags are said to do the trick.

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