How to do the perfect cat eye with iris law

How to do the perfect cat eye with iris law

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  • This is one of the most Google make-up questions ever – not just because it’s cool, but because it’s one of the trickiest views to get right. In the first of our series of ‘feeling beauty’ films, Iris Law shows us how she wears her …

    When the camera pans to Iris Law, she is a cat stalking her prey, and becomes more and more transfixed by the bird’s feathery flatters. Her eyes deepen and in the moment before she enters, the apparatus is zoneed on her eyelashes, which go from sparse and poker-straight to long and delicious.

    Burberry Cut Lashes Behind Black Mascara, 24 pounds, Is behind the magic here, a brilliant all-rounder that makes even short lashes look dramatically thicker, thanks to a brush that gets all the way down to the root, lifting and fanning out the hairs as it goes. You can even swipe a second coat on after-wet lashes without clamping – it’s so good.

    Oh and ditch the lush primer – you do not need it with this formula and it stays put all day without deposits so much as a smear or flake under the eyes.

    “I avoid heavy make-up with too much coverage and how to keep the focus on my cheekbones and eyes,” says Iris of her favorite feline-like beauty look. ‘I use a lot of blush and burberry cat lashes ultra black mascara on my top and bottom lashes to give a little lift and make my eyes pop in a cat-like way.’

    How to get this feline shape

    Director Jason Hetherington at Serlin Associates, Beauty and Concept Director Lisa Oxnham, Makeup Artist Gina Cain at Karen Agency Using Burberry Beauty, Hair Stylist David Wadlow, Junior Beauty Writer and Producer Sarah Barnes

    1. Using the tail end of your eyebrow as a reference point, draw a thin diagonal line from the outer to the inner corner of your eye. Burberry Effortless Col Eyeliner, £ 18.50

    2. Draw another line below the original and start to connect it to the lower lash line.

    3. Fill in the triple of space between your top lash line and your lower line, pushing the formula down between the lashes, making sure no skin peeking through.

    4. Repeat the same process on your other eye and make sure both lines are symmetrical. Go with multiple coats of Burberry Cat Lashes Ultra Black Mascara, 24 pounds, and pull the wand to the side to make a cat-eye flick.

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