How to wash your hair (because you've probably been wrong the whole time)

How to wash your hair (because you’ve probably been wrong the whole time)

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  • Ladder, rinse, repeat. Right ?????

    Washing our hair is something that we all do all the time. This is something we do regularly since we have shown how at an early age. So the idea of ​​being told how to wash your hair seems silly right?

    Well, it’s not possible. For example, surely someone with dryer curly hair should wash their hair completely differently to someone with poker straight hair who err on the side of greasy? Or what about what you use to wash your hair? The one that you consider the best shampoo for you may not work for the next person.

    So really there must be more to it. The hair bros – Two of London’s most promising hair stylists Nick Latham and Sean Nother, which can be found in the Knightsbridge outpost of Hershonsons in Harvey Nichols (arguably one of the best hair salons in London) – say that there is much more to washing your hair As you originally thought: ‘In terms of washing hair, one thing we have learned over time is that there is no “right” way to wash your hair. That’s not to say there are not some simple guidelines and principles to follow, but just because your blonde soft straight hair tends to prefer a wash every day, does not mean your curly haired friend should do the same. ‘

    How to wash your hair properly

    “In essence, hair type, lifestyle (and a bit of arrogance) all play a part in influencing your hair wash routine,” say the Hair Bros.

    However, there is always one thing to remember: always shampoo twice and condition only the ends.

    Shampooing twice is similar to double cleansing your skin, ‘double cleansing has been happening in every salon backwash for years and years. This is the only way to effectively remove dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and so on. The first shampoo never lathers as well, and usually takes the dirt out. The second shampoo will really foam up and clean the scalp. Your hair begins to appear on the scalp, so be gentle when washing at the root. Avoid using your nails or be too aggressive, and apply minimum pressure. Two rounds of gentle massaging of the scalp – the first to remove build up and the second to ensure your scalp is clean. Rinse until the hair squeaks when your fingers rub it. A cold water rinse does help seal the cuticle and deep clean the follicles. It is also good for blood flow and wake you up. ‘

    The hair at your root is new, virgin hair so you do not need conditioner as your ends do. These are bits that are damaged, dry and need that extra bit of TLC.

    Is it bad to wash your hair every day?

    No, if you have particularly greasy hair that needs to be cleaned every day, log on. But if you wash your hair everyday, you do not need to “double cleanse” say the Hair Bros. . ‘

    However, most people do not need to wash their hair so regularly. ‘Not washing your hair nearly as often as you’d think is the best way to go. We find that people wash their hair too much – three times a week is more than enough. ‘

    Does your hair type determine how to wash your hair?

    Yes certain hair types should wash their hair in a certain way …

    Twisted Lord:

    ‘Avoid scrubbing excessively,’ say the Hair Bros.. ‘If you wash your hair on Monday, use conditioner or a co-wash only on Wednesday. A small amount of sulfates in the conditioner will remove any dirt. Try and comb the conditioner in the shower. Go back to shampoo Friday. ‘

    Thin hair:

    Avoid heavily scented, paraben-rich shampoos and conditioners. All this stuff builds up in the hair and makes it look long. Try not to use too much conditioner – natural oils will do the job of the conditioner. Too many difficult things build up in the Lord and make your Lord look worse. ‘

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