How to wear glitter make-up in four easy looks

How to wear glitter make-up in four easy looks

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  • New season, new make-up. And what could be sparse than flakes of glitter in muted tones of rose, tin and gold?

    Looking for the best new ways to wear glitter? Below Amber Anderson showcases the beauty trend of the season.

    The glitter eyeshadow that will suit everyone

    A smattering of lilac, fuchsia, maroon and purple glitter give the smoky eye a run for its money this season. “A cream shade makes a great base for a matching glitter shade,” says Amber Anderson’s make-up artist Gina Cain. Dab Dior Backstage Eye Primer £ 24, bootsOver your lids and around the eyes for a sheer but sticky base.

    For maximum glitter, no dusting Danessa Mirix Metals Constellation Glitter In Fairy Tail, £ 15And Ben Nye Sparklers loose glitters in fuchsia and silver prism, £ 8.99 Each, over the top.

    Pro Type: “First apply loose powder where you do not want the glitter to go – like the tops of your cheekbones,” says no.

    This ensures easy removal of any over spill as you can simply flick it off with a small flat brush. Then scoop your head back and drop glitter over your face with a powder brush, keeping your eyes closed. ‘

    Photographer by Jason Hetherington

    How to wear face shimmer

    “Glitter is a statement, so just go for it,” says Cain. For a look that will withstand a night on the dance floor, apply a primer like Sisley Instant Eclat Instant Glow Primer, £ 60, SelfridgesOn the areas you want the glitter to go.

    Then, using a blending brush, press the flex on top. We loved NYX Face and Body Glitter in Crystal, £ 6, Boots. Finish with two coats of Urban Decay Trouble Maker Mascara, £ 16.60, Fabled.

    “For glittery lips, my favorite shade is Puter because it’s beautiful rather than disco,” says Cain. Use Dior Ultra Glow in Tiara, £ 26Or for more intensity, just on silver glitter and lock it in with a layer of Lipcote £ 3.69, sandals.

    Pro Type: Use only cosmetic glitter that is made from round spheres and will not scratch your skin. To balance a glitter lip, no one suggests creating strong couture brows with a chocolate pencil, such as Dior Sourcils Poudre Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown, £ 21, Boots.

    Photographer by Jason Hetherington

    How to enhance your cheeks with glitter

    “Anyone who wears a highlighter can wear a glitter,” says Cain. ‘If you’m a fan of gleaming, glossy cheekbones then glitter is just the next step.’ Gold is a failsafe shade because it is warm and suitable for most skin tones.

    l Then all you have to consider is the placement. Dill Lucas Papav ointment Across the temples, swipe it down onto the cheekbones and then tap The Gypsy Shrine Iridescent Eclipse Glitter, £ 6.50On top with your ring finger.

    The flat holographic pieces are slightly larger to capture the light. Plus it’s easier to remove than finer flakes from glitter, “adds Cain.

    Pro Type: Glitter is fiddly on the cheeks so no suggests pressing adhesive tape anywhere you do not want the glitter to sit.

    Photography by Jason Hetherington

    Photography by Jason Hetherington

    Decorate your body

    Photography by Jason Hetherington

    “Initially, people think of glam rock images when they think of glitter, but it can be more than mischievous fairy dust,” says Cain. Make-up Forever Glitter in White Violet, £ 11.50, Leaves skin with a provocative pale sheen.

    Dust lightly with a large soft brush across your shoulders, in the circle of your back or décolleté. “I used it quickly and spontaneously so it looked like Amber had it himself,” says Cain.

    Pro Type: To keep glitter in place on your body, use a balm cream like Elizabeth Arden’s eight hour cream, 28 poundsOr sunscreen if you go to a Day Time Festival.

    Consider your crash rate in glitter make-up whole.

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