Make yourself easy with six simple tips from a legendary make-up artist

Make yourself easy with six simple tips from a legendary make-up artist

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    There are make-up artists, and then there is roller garland. You do not know her by name, but you will know her work; Mario Testino, Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Alexander McQueen, countless fashion weeks. You name it, she’s done it. There are very few faces in the fashion and film industries that are not painted by this make-up guru.

    She also happens to be L’Oreal Paris’ make-up director – helping to develop product, as well as her frontier-pushing artistry. She says that her goal when designing beauty images is to create something.I would want to hang it on my wall. ‘

    In celebration of the launch of her book, Validated (Which is now out and would make a great Christmas gift for fashion lovers), we sat down with her and demanded that she share some of her knowledge with us.

    Here are her go-to tricks that make make-up much easier:

    The feline flick

    Always do your liner look down in a mirror. For the complete beginner, you want to start with your flick. The best way to sort out your flick is to take a pencil, or a business card or some tape, and go from the corner of your nose to the edge of your eye, and this will give you a good diagonal. Draw a small tick on the line. I like to use a felt tip pen to make my own eyeliner – this is complete idiot proof. Then, draw another line from the top of the tick to the center of the eye. Next fill in that negative space. Then draw a thin line of the inner eye to meet the center. Then the secret is to match the other eye with the same angle. Every person can do one eye big, and one not so big. So always do your not-so-big eye first. ‘

    The highlighter

    ‘If you want the super high glow sheen, you want a powder highlighter that will not move. If you’d rather have something a little more subtle, the L’Oréal Paris Glow Drops are great. You take a tiny drop of this and using a fluffy brush buff it into the high points of your face. If you’re really scared of highlighter and look too shiny, once you & # 39; ve finished your base take a little bit of moisturizer and just plug it in with your fingertips. ‘

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    The Concealer

    ‘When you have big bags under your eyes, you want to draw attention away from them. A lot of people make a mistake by choosing a light color of concealer, in the hope that it will hide the bags. But invariably it makes the area just look gray. The secret to camouflage a good under eye area is to use a peach colored concealer, because eye bags are green-blue so you want to bring the red back a bit. Use this first, and then place your base over the top. Placement of concealer is also very important. Instead of applying concealer right close to your lash line, you should place it more on the bottom of the socket line. You use a concealer to reflect light into the eye. ‘

    The lipstick

    Applying lipstick is so easy. I think lipsticks are so fantastic today that you can just go straight from the sphere. You can soften the look by going over it with your fingertips, so it is not a harsh line. What I sometimes do with models is just apply lipstick on the lower lip, and then get them to press the lips together, and you’re half way there. ‘

    The eyeshadow

    ‘It totally depends on what kind of effect you want to achieve, but I think if you are not sure how to apply eyeshadow, the best way is to use a soft eyeliner or creamy eyeshadow pencil and buff it. The way you get the ease of buffing the cream, and then it will set and will not move. And you’re done. ‘

    The lashes

    ‘Everyone should turn the eyelashes. Everyone. ‘

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