The new-jin styles to know for 2019

The new-jin styles to know for 2019

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  • From glossy afro curls to the latest ‘glass’ hair trend, here’s our choice of the best hair ideas and innovations

    Cutting edge

    ‘Glass hair’, like the glass skin of K-Beauty, is a term used to describe a razor sharp cut – usually a bob – coupled with a mega-watt, reflective shine. A clarifying wash is key to removing grease, dirt and the last remnants of product residue that can create a dull veil over strands. Then ramp up hydration with OGX Hydrate + Marula Oil Conditioner, £ 6.99. You can only really achieve a look like this with heat, so fog on SHOW BEAUTY’S scissors thermal protect spray, £ 35Before blasting directly with the Babyliss Rose Blush 2200 Hairdryer, £ 45.

    Take your shine to the next level by smoothing down the cuticles with the cool air setting – simultaneously, pulling hair from the roots if poofy ends are a problem. Then, smooth flyways with the new ghd platinum + styler, £ 175, Swiping it through your locks twice. Finish with a light-weight lotion like Color Wow Dream Coat, £ 24To keep your ‘tone’ slick for the duration.

    Photography by Jason Hetherington

    Great bounce

    It’s hard enough for any of us to reach the hair me Really Want, but battling struggling strands and naturally limp roots too? It may feel like an impossible task. That is, until this year’s raft of styling products promising sky-high volume and one much-hyped power tool came along. Green Men Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo, £ 13, Knicks oily roots and build-up that weighs lean strands down – but by using gentle botanicals, not harsh foaming agents. Then, apply L’Oreal Professional Source Essential Nourishing Cleansing Infusion Nourishing Balm, £ 22By the ends.

    Sprayed on wet strands, Bumble and bumble full potential booster spray, £ 40, Reboot hair that is not as abundant as it used to be with protective ingredients that make it feel fuller. For limp roots, try Living Proof’s Total Dry Volume Blast, £ 25, To hack everything up. Except for enough expenses, Dyson’s Airwrap Styler, £ 399.99, Attracts and wraps hair around the barrel, curling it for her and adding body. Seriously: tool of the year.

    Photography by Jason Hetherington

    The new blow dry

    Full-bodied, swishy hair (Not an 80s ‘power’ blowdry) Is considered of rigueur These days. Better yet, you can master it at home. Thickening sprays and mousses give the illusion of bulk. Both contain polymers that coat the hair and make it seem bigger, but also protect it and ensure that the style lasts. For straight hair, go for a spray formula – spread the Aveda Thickening Tonic, £ 22, Evenly through damp hair from roots to ends. Or, rake an egg-sized dollop of mousse through it if you add waves or curls – we appreciate Evo’s Macgyver Multi-Use Mousse, £ 17.50.

    Need height? Wrap each section around a large round brush and aim your hairdryer to the roots. Finally, apply a light mist of hairspray. Oribe thick dry finishing spray, 38 pounds, Does more than simply lock your style in place; It contains panthenol to sweeten the hair shaft. Plus, you can brush it out as you go so you will get lift but without any sticky.

    Photography by Jason Hetherington

    Skin care for hair

    More often than not when we talk about shiny hair, we really talk about straight hair – light-reflecting strands that hang in sleek curtains around the face. So it goes that the same moisturizing steps we take to make our skin look Devi can also ramp up the shin on poker-straight locks. Start with a hair serum. In the same way that a face serum targets specific concerns and absorbs beyond just the top layer, Pureology Style + Protect Beautiful Bright Taming Serum, £ 23.50Salmon in freezing-fighting coriander seed oil while Virtue’s Perfect Ending Split End Serum, £ 19Seals down frayed cuticles.

    Then layer hair oil on top, because it is powered by some of the same nourishing ingredients normally found in face oils. New natural Japanese import UCA Hair Oil Windy Lady, £ 29.50Is non-greasy so ideal for fine hair while Kerastase Elixir Ultimate L’Huile Rose, £ 41.40Contains a hydrating trio of marula, camellia and argan oils.

    Photography by Jason Hetherington

    Get kinky

    Afro hair makes waves in fashion and beauty spaces – and frankly it’s about time. But more importantly, this once-magnified hair type is set to become one of the most influential – so much so that the US. It. Market for black hair is estimated to reach approximately $ 2.5 billion (around £ 1.9 billion) in 2019. Targets the needs of tight coils, which are the most porous and more damage-prone.

    Knowing that Afro hair is more likely to drink potentially drying chemicals, Boucleme uses only plant-derived ingredients. The grain conditioner, £ 17, For example, is packed with omega 3, 6 and 9 plus virgin coconut and argan oils to prevent breakage. Furthermore, the founder of hair care Vernon Francois, whose clients include actress Lupita Nyong’o, took this advice for using his Clean-Fro Shampoo, £ 19.50: ‘Divide hair into four sections and apply the shampoo on dry hair as this ensures your scalp is cleansed but not dehydrated.’

    Photography by Jason Hetherington

    Blonde ambition

    It’s official: Brits prefer blonde. Last year 42% of women who had their hair colored transformed their tresses to blonde, with 18% opting for platinum. But as anyone who is going to the light side will tell you, the biggest bugber is unwanted brassy and yellow streaks.

    The minerals and metals in heavy water are the main culprits. Dyed blonde hair is more porous so high levels of copper, in particular, can kill your shade – one reason Clairol has included technology in its hair colors that encapsulates copper and prevents it from reacting with water and other free radicals. Think long-lasting color and mirror shiny highlights.

    Photography by Jason Hetherington

    Play it safe

    Sometimes you want to switch things up by changing your color. Unless, of course, you fall into the rare one percent of the world’s population that suffers from an allergy called paraphenylenediamine, or PPD, a chemical used in most commercial hair dyes. Clairol have come to the rescue with an innovative molecule called ME + that reduces the risk of a reaction for those without an existing allergy.

    Photography by Jason Hetherington

    How? The ME + molecule in the Clairol Nice’N Easy Permanent Color Range, £ 6.49, has a new shape that is harder for your immune system to recognize. “The molecule does not fit so easily into the protective cells that can trigger an immune response,” explains Dr. Casten Goebel, Koti’s toxicology expert. Expect the same glossy finish as your regular paint – minus the risk.

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