Your Basic Five-Day Party Hair Guide for the Festive Season

Your Basic Five-Day Party Hair Guide for the Festive Season

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    ‘Tis the time of the party. Yes, there are gifts to be wrapped and carols to be sung, but there are too many, many parties to be attended. Which means that your party makeup and party hairstyles need to be on point. However, this can be tricky when you have an event every night of the week.

    Thankfully, Adam Reed – ghd brand ambassador and co-founder of one of the best hair salons in London Percy & Reed – has come up with a five-day hair plan to get you from party to party. ‘If you’re partying all five nights of the work week, you’ll want a different look for each night without having to spend much time styling your hair,’ he explains. ‘Your hair design is just as important as your outfits.’

    Day 1 – Get a Blowjob

    Reed suggests getting a bludgeon to lay the foundation for the week ahead. ‘Starting the week with a good bleed will create a base that will last all week because you will not have time to wash and blow dry your hair mid-week and the extra 30 minutes in bed each day can take priority.’ Book at your lunch break, or on your way to your first party.

    Day 2 – Tong your hair

    On the second day, your blowout should still be strong, so you will only need to jooz. Reed recommends adding in a few loose waves, ‘tong sections of your hair using the ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong. I would wrap your hair around the tongue, facing away from the face, then massage the roots and brush through the curls with your fingers. ‘

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    Day 3 – Texture

    You’re about half way through now, so your hair will most likely be a little flat, so it’s time to refresh. You want to add texture and volume to the roots, so sprinkle around the crown with a texturizing spray. ‘This will add instant glamorous volume and a more beachy texture than the day before.’

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    Day 4 – Straighten

    You’re on event four, your hair is most likely looking a little greasy now, so Reid says do not fight it, work with what you have: ‘disguise greasy roots by creating a super sleek, straight look with a statement center partition. Straighten your hair, then tuck behind your ears and smooth down. ‘

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    Day 5 – Pony in a ponytail

    You’re on the last day, so you’re either falling asleep as you walk or dangerously hangover. Make things easy for yourself and go for a simple ponytail. Reid says, ‘This powerful party look actually holds better on hair that is not super clean.’ Pull hair into a tall, tight ponytail, then tie it off with a beautiful ribbon. This will draw focus and attention away from the front of your hair.

    So we have it, your five-day party hair design. On the sixth day we recommend watching Xmas films on your sofa.

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